Training Programs

The Basic and Advanced Crisis Response and Mitigation Training Courses provide sound fundamental techniques to respond to and mitigate hazard events, both man-made and natural.

The response concepts are universal and can be applied in both the private and public sectors by management, key staff personnel, general public, law enforcement personnel and professional security personnel and utilized in all environments.

Active Shooter Response – Are You Ready?
Course Duration: 3 Hours

This training provides the essential elements and industry best practices to respond to active shooter events. The program focuses on teaching critical lifesaving skills that will reduce the risk of injury and/or death during an active shooter event. Participants learn the “Run, Hide, Fight” methodology – a universal concept that can be utilized in the workplace and daily life.

Identification and Recognition of a Potential Active Shooter Threat
Course Duration: 1 Hour

This course teaches participants how to recognize certain phases and behavioral indicators that a potential active shooter threat may exhibit. It also provides response measures to prevent and reduce the risk.

Incident Command System (ICS) Training for Executives and Administrators
Course Duration: 4 hours

The Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized, on-scene, all-hazard incident management approach.  This training teaches principles that can be applied to both the private and public work-based environments. Participants learn how to allow personnel and community responders to adopt an integrated organizational structure. This structure matches the complexities and demands of incidents without being hindered by jurisdictional boundaries.

All Hazards Crisis Response and Mitigation Course
Course Duration: 3 Hours

This course is designed for the management and key staff personnel from both the private and public sectors. Participants learn an overall response model that conforms to the industries best practices intended to prevent, mitigate and respond to an all hazards crisis event.

Security Officer Registry Act Certification
Course Duration: 24 Hours

This act was established to create a benchmark for security standards within the industry and is mandatory for all members of a licensed security company to be certified. Individuals will be certified in issues such as homeland security and counter-terrorism, street gang awareness, communications, emergency response, ethics, professional conduct, use of force, report writing, theft protection and CPR and AED.

Security Officer Registry Act Renewal
Course Duration: 8 Hours

You must renew your Security Officer Registry Act Certification before it expires and can renew it 90 days before the card expires. This course will update individuals on the latest use of force guidelines and case law.

Basic and Advanced Firearms Training

This course will teach participants how to proper handling and care of issued state police firearms. The individuals will start with instruction and then must qualify on the range with each firearm.