Professional Security Personnel (PSP) – School Security Specialist (SSS)

This service places our highly trained staff in government, educational, private and public sector environments to provide overall security. Our trained staff will provide visitor management, resolve conflicts, mitigate hostile and disruptive behaviors, liaison between jurisdictional law enforcement agencies and serve as an on-scene first responder.

Our security professionals also provide event planning and security.

The minimum qualifications of PSP or SSS personnel employed with K.D. National Force Security and Investigations, LLC are:

  • Must have obtained 20 years of law enforcement experience.
  • Proven to have performed in a supervisory capacity within their respective law enforcement organization.
  • Possess a valid New Jersey driver’s license.
  • Must be certified with the Security Officer Registry Act of New Jersey.
  • Must meet the requirements to bear a State of New Jersey Permit to Carry a Handgun by a Retired Police Officer as per the Attorney General’s Guidelines.
  • Must be sound in body, of good health, and of good moral character and have not been convicted of any criminal offense or offense that reflects negatively on your moral character.
  • Must successfully complete semi-annual firearms qualification as mandated by the State of New Jersey Attorney General’s guidelines for Retired Police Officers.
  • Must successfully complete annual Active Shooter/All Hazards Crisis Response firearms training.

Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) Development/Revision

This service is to ensure that current plans are consistent with the industry’s best practices regarding protocols and procedures utilized to respond to crisis/emergencies in the work place. Our analysis of existing plans will determine whether revisions are needed. Our highly trained staff develops a customized EOP for organizations and facilities that do not have or wish to update an existing plan.

Security Assessment of Vulnerabilities

Security Site Assessments are conducted to determine the level of security the facility and grounds have in place. This assessment is comprehensive and identifies vulnerabilities in current policies and practices. Upon completion of assessment recommendations and considerations to improve site and work place, security measures are provided in a strategic manner for implementation.